Free, Safe, Confidential. Always.

Soluna is a safe, inclusive place.

On our app, everything that you type and save is checked by staff members called moderators. They’re here to keep Soluna safe and make sure everyone can get the support they need. They check everything that is posted in the community space to make sure it fits with our community boundaries.

Some topics are sensitive

Sometimes, a moderator might “reject” your post, which means it won’t be published to be seen by other users of the app; in this case, the reason for rejection will be given and you can edit your post to be moderated again..

You might hear the word “trigger” used on Soluna. A trigger is something that can set off memories, emotions, or feelings in someone else. It's hard to avoid every possible trigger, but there are some common things that shouldn't be posted on Soluna, as they might trigger others. These topics are best spoken about with the Soluna team who are trained to support you.

While we won’t publish specific details relating to the following triggers, that doesn’t mean you can’t share your experiences or difficulties in relation to them; we may just need to contact you to edit the submission. Some common triggers are listed below:

  • Eating disorders (ED): We won't publish numbers mentioned in relation to eating disorders, for example height, weight, BMI calculations or calorie intake, posts that encourage eating disorders or are competitive, descriptions of ED behaviors, or details and quantities of food in relation to ED behaviors. We won’t publish any detailed information about amounts of exercise.

  • Self-harm: We won't publish any posts that contain details or methods of self-harm or descriptions of self-harm injuries.

  • Feeling suicidal: We won't publish anything that talks about suicidal plans. Soluna is not a crisis service, so it is very important to know where to get help when you need it if you are struggling. We can signpost you to organizations that may be able to help.

  • Experiences of abuse or trauma: Details of experiences of abuse and trauma are best discussed with the Soluna team. You can share your stories of overcoming difficult events with others, but we won't be able to publish any specific details.

  • Legal information: We won't be able to post anything that talks about a serious criminal offense or criminal behavior, including information that relates to an ongoing court case.

  • Medical advice: We won’t be able to publish posts asking for specific or specialized medical advice. We also won’t be able to publish anything that looks for specific support or information about how to lose weight, as diet and exercise advice is different for individuals, so it’s better to seek medical support with this.


Keeping yourself safe

These are some of the boundaries we ask everyone on Soluna to follow, this is to keep the app safe for all of our users and help people to be able to seek help and support others.

  • Keep your account private. Don't tell anyone your password or share your account with someone else.

  • While we ask for your contact details when you sign up for Soluna, these details are kept private and safe by our team. Do not share:

    • your full name or last name

    • details of specific locations, like the name of your school or a place you like to go with your friends

    • other information that could let someone find you, like your email address, social media usernames, account names, or your phone number

  • Remember: If you share lots of small pieces of information, someone else might be able to put these together to identify you.

  • Please do not share anyone else’s identifiable information, either, like friends, family, or other users.

  • Please don't include any website links in your community posts. 

  • Please do not send any photos or videos to our coaches.

  • We only allow you to have one account, so once you've created an account, please continue to use the same one. Keeping just one account means that we can offer you a safe and consistent service, as each time you talk to us, each member of the Soluna team will know what you have spoken to us about before. This means that you will not have to repeat yourself, making it easier for you to get the support you need from our service. It also means that Soluna can keep all the information in one place which is important in keeping you safe.

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Soluna services if you live outside the United States or one of our other service areas. If you are temporarily out of the country, you will be able to access content and tools, but you will not be able to message us or post in the community.


Respect others

  • Be polite to other Soluna members and the Soluna team.

  • Show each other kindness; rude or offensive comments won't be published.

  • If you are writing about someone else, please do not refer to them by name, and be mindful of how they may feel if they read what you have written. We will moderate references to specific people and places such as hospitals, schools, or youth centers.

  • Be sensitive to others, and remember that the things you say may impact them.

  • Don't bully or be unkind to other Soluna members, or talk in a violent or aggressive way.

  • Make sure your language is appropriate. We will not publish swear words or sexually explicit language. Anything that is homophobic, racist, or derogatory to others won't be published.

  • It's important to be truthful on Soluna and not pretend to be someone else.

  • You might feel upset or frustrated at times, but it's important to try not to take it out on the Soluna team or on other members on the site. For example, your posts won't be published if you blame other Soluna users or staff for how you are feeling, or if you threaten to leave the app. These sorts of conversations would be discussed in a private message.

  • Please don’t give specific medical advice to any other young people on Soluna. Everyone’s experiences can be different, so perhaps offer advice that has helped you, but be careful not to tell someone what to do, as this might be upsetting for them.

  • The Soluna Community is a space shared by many individuals of all ages. Please keep conversations open, so that anyone can join in.