Free, Safe, Confidential. Always.

How can you use Soluna to support your mental health?


Free write your feelings

Vent honestly and openly, jot down ideas, or draft big dreams, all in your own digital journal. This is your space, away from the noise, right in the app.


Chat 1:1 with a coach

Feeling stuck? Soluna’s professional coaches would love to chat. Use the app to schedule a session or simply drop in. No strings or cost attached.


Destress and reset

Soluna's interactive tools, like Thought Shaker, Starboard, Mood Log, and more, are research-backed and designed to bring calm, confidence, and focus.


Join our journeys

In our Soluna forums, one thing is clear: you’re not alone. Post a question, get or give advice, or just chat about whatever's on your mind – all while anonymously connecting with others on their own mental health journeys.

Your space to be you.


No cost

Explore the app at no cost. No insurance required. No ads. Ever.

No pressure

Use the Soluna app whenever you want, however you want – no limits, no labels.

Always anonymous

Rest assured that your app experience is completely anonymous and your data is private and secure.


Get support by phone

No smartphone? No worries! Soluna offers professional over-the-phone coaching in 19 languages. Just click the chat icon to create an account and gain access to free telecoaching sessions. If you're in crisis, dial 988 to talk to someone anonymously at Crisis Lifeline.

Access Phone Coaching

Discover local services

Sometimes you need a little outside support. That's where local services come in! Your Soluna coach can help you find and get started with the service that's right for you. (They'll even check in to see how things are going). If you want to explore the directory on your own, you can do it here. 

Explore Local Services

Frequently asked questions

Am I anonymous on the app?

Absolutely. We’ll never ask for your name, so rest assured that you can feel safe to use the app completely anonymously. As a guest user, you can explore tools and resources by simply sharing your ZIP code and date of birth (just to ensure your age and location are eligible to use the app). Want the full experience, including features like coaching? All it takes is an email address to set up an account.

Who do you share my data with?

Your privacy is our priority. So we won't share your details or app activity with anyone – not parents, schools, or healthcare pros. But you can opt in to allow us to use your data for research purposes to help improve the digital mental health journey for everyone. And just like other apps, we’ll use your anonymous info to help improve app features. Check out our privacy policy for the details.

Can my parents, teachers, school, employer, or doctor see my activity in the app?

No. What you do on Soluna stays on Soluna. Your experience in the app is completely confidential and anonymous, and we’ll never share your data without your permission.

How much does Soluna cost?

It's totally free! The California Department of Health Care Services covers all the costs for the app and everything inside it. So, no worries – you’ll never be asked for payment, there aren't any in-app buys, and you won't see any annoying ads.